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NSHOF Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium

New England Science & Sailing Foundation is First Community Sailing Center to Join NSHOF

The New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS) in Stonington, CT, recently stepped up to bUS Sailing Community Sailing Centerecome the first community sailing center in the country to join NSHOF. Selected by US Sailing as the nation’s Outstanding Community Sailing Center for 2013, NESS served 2,700 participants last year, 900 of whom received scholarship grants and gifts as underserved students. A long-time member the Learning Math & Science Through Sailing  National Consortium, NESS partners with local schools to supplement traditional education. 

Through its adventure education programs, NESS provides students with opportunities for transformational personal growth and discovery as well as meaningful connections that lead to community and environmental stewardship. NESS was recently named an official Community Partner of the Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School in New London, CT. 

The school’s New London STEM Leadership Program at NESS promotes interest in STEM  concepts and careers through hands-on learning opportunities. To document and validate program effectiveness, NESS has begun a formal study of student outcomes in the areas of academic achievement, life skills, self-esteem and self-confidence, and citizenship. Early results show that NESS’s programs are indeed making a difference.

NESS also offers an array of summer science and sailing programs to the community. For more information visit:  www.nessf.org.

Consortium Member Featured
in Forbes Magazine

The Community Boating Center in Providence, RI was recently featured in an article in Forbes magazine.

Executive Director John O’Flaherty participated in 2011 National Consortium Meeting - click here to visit the 2011 Consortium Meeting page with a video of his presentation.

Photo Credit: Sea Affinity, Inc.The Community Boating Center has teamed up with the Providence After School Alliance to tie together kids' experiences on the water to what they are doing in science and math at school. Together, they have developed a summer program for middle school students involving two days in the classroom and two days on the water. The program uses the REACH material developed by US Sailing.

The REACH Educator Guide, $59.95, is available directly from US Sailing.

To actively involve students, each lesson takes an investigative approach, built around answering questions such as these:
- "How does this boat float?"
- "What shape are sails and why?"
- "How does marine debris get in our waters and where does it go?"
- "Why does the wind change as the day progresses?"

For more information contact John O’Flahtery through CBC at info@communityboating.com.

Click here to read their story in Forbes magazine.

Sail Newport Film - "What Do You Stand For?"

Consortium participant Sail Newport is a non-profit community access sailing center in Newport, Rhode Island - the largest in New England. To further their goal of attracting new sailors to the sport, they have produced a three-minute video, which is streaming on the NSHOF Film Library.

Watch Sail Newport's Video -

"What Do You Stand For?" demonstrates that, through programs like Sail Newport's, sailing is not just a sport but a lifestyle that is accessible to everyone from ages under 8 to over 80, and proves that you don't need a lot of money to sail. Click here to watch the video.

For more information on Sail Newport, visit their website: www.sailnewport.org.

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