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NSHOF Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium

Skype in the Classroom

You can now take your classes on a digital field trip and make connections with some of the world's top science, technology and history experts by using Skype in the Classroom.

Skype in the Classroom is in use by more than 73,000 teachers worldwide. It enables classrooms around the world to participate in collaborative learning situations with each other, invite subject experts to speak to your class, and take your students on virtual field trips. You can connect your classroom directly to where the learning is... even if it is in the middle of the ocean! If you've never used Skype in the Classroom before, you can get a quick primer by visiting this link.

Here's a small sampling of ocean-related Skype in the Classroom subjects:

To learn more visit: https://education.skype.com

Saildrone: Revolutionizing Ocean Science

Saildrone in San Francisco Bay
Saildrone redefines the world of ocean monitoring by going further, faster and more cost effectively than any other technology on the planet. Saildrone is a wind-propelled autonomous platform for ocean data collection... in other words, a robot research ship.

Saildrone has successfully navigated a circumnavigation of the Farallon islands, and recently completed a 34-day passage from San Franscisco to Kaneohe, Hawaii, and is off again to complete its crossing of the Pacific. Check out the latest on this new ocean sailing technology at http://saildrone.com/ or on their page at the Marine Science & Technology Foundation: http://mstfoundation.org/story/Saildrone.

Ship Models, Math Models & Yacht Design Book Available for Purchase

Cover of Ship Models, Math Models & Yacht Design

David E. Martin, a member of the National Consortium is going to offer a discount to members of the Consortium to purchase his book.  He will also be sampling the first six chapters of his book to any National Consortium Members who contact him. Please contact David at >sailtechpress@yahoo.com

Have a Midshipman from the United States Naval Academy Speak at Your Location

NSHOF has arranged with the Office of Admissions at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland to have USNA Midshipmen travel and give talks for Consortium participants.

Many of the Midshipmen who speak are also sailors. They are available to travel during the academic year as well as during semester breaks. Midshipmen can address questions about the Academy and the importance of math, engineering, science and technology as a path to success.
To arrange a visit, contact Captain James R.R. Smith in the Office of Admissions. Phone: 410.293.1830 or email him at jrsmith@usna.edu.

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