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NSHOF Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium

J. Craig Venter's Sorcerer II Hosts NSHOF STEM Students

Anne Arundel STEM students and educators with the crew of Sorcerer II

Sorcerer II is a 100-foot research vessel outfitted by J. Craig Venter and the Venter Institute to sample and discover microbes around the world. In June, the crew of Sorcerer II hosted Anne Arundel County STEM students participating in the NSHOF Learning Math & Science through Sailing program.

The vessel will return to Annapolis in the fall to host additional programs with NSHOF. We are working with other National Consortium participants to arrange visits by Sorcerer II. For more info visit the Sorcerer II website.

NSHOF Holds Summer Bridge for 90 STEM Students

Anne Arundel County STEM Summer Bridge students sailing classic yacht WINDALIER

Ninety students from Anne Arundel County School's 9th and 10th grade STEM classes participated in field trips to NSHOF for sailing and to the United States Naval Academy for a tour of their Hydro-lab. These students participated in Performance Based Learning (PBL) sessions in their schools using NSHOF's "Science of Sailing" and "Navigation" curricula.

During the summer, NSHOF offers summer bridge programs which are part of the graduation requirement for Anne Arundel County Public Schools' STEM students. During one session, students learn how a sailboat works through physics, algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. Study topics include air flow over the sails, how a keel works, and forces on the boat. Another session - Navigation at Sea - uses navigation projects to explore concepts in geometry, algebra and arithmetic, as well as basic trigonometry. Students study how to plot a course on a chart, time relative to speed and distance, and how to find angles while under way.

The Engineering of Sailing session provides the opportunity to learn the engineering process involved in designing sailboats, using lectures by naval architects, a fluid dynamics engineer and physics teachers. They are also tasked with reusing “trash” to design a small scale boat which they race against each other. A total of 53 students participated in this year's summer bridge sessions, spending mornings in the classroom and afternoons sailing a wide variety of boats.

STEM Sailing Summer 2013

NSHOF Advisor Builds a $60 Portable Towing Test Tank

Portable towing test tank developed by Paul Miller, USNA Naval Architect

Paul Miller, Naval Architect at the United States Naval Academy and advisor to NSHOF's Learning Math & Science through Sailing program, developed a series of workshops entitled "The Secrets of Ship Design" for students ages 11-19. He put together the program for the Welsh government while on sabbatical in Wales.

Paul also built a portable towing tank for testing model boats which the students designed. It is easily built with common materials for around $60. Click here for a list of materials (PDF).

For more information on the workshops or the towing tank send an email to Paul.

United States Naval Academy Midshipmen Available as Ambassadors 

NSHOF has arranged with the Office of Admissions at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland for Midshipmen to speak to Consortium participants.

Midshipmen, including many who are also sailors, are available to travel during the academic year as well as during semester breaks. They can address questions about the Academy as well as the importance of math, engineering, science and technology as a path to success.
Visits can be coordinated through NSHOF staff at 877.295.3022 or education@nshof.org.

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