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"Time and Navigation"
Exhibit Opens

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum unveiled its newest permanent exhibition, "Time and Navigation," which follows humanity's quest to know exactly where they are, whether on land, at sea, in the air or in space. The exhibit chronicles in detail the evolution of navigational science, from the Longitude Act of 1714 to today's GPS. It also offers exciting previews of how we will navigate in the future. Well worth the trip to D.C., “Time and Navigation” is on view at the National Air and Space Museum, on the National Mall between Fourth and Seventh Streets, Washington; 202.633.2214.

The online exhibit is equally engaging. It includes a timeline of innovation in navigation dating back to 1280, interesting stories of navigation as used by airplane pilots, submarine captains, farmers, and firefighters, and a section where you can share your own navigation adventures. There is also a complete wing of the exhibit devoted to Navigating at Sea. The site is rich with content from the Smithsonian's vast collections.

Visit "Time and Navigation" online at: http://timeandnavigation.si.edu

Science Under Sail Launches Mentorship Expedition from Sarasota to Bahamas

Science Under SailLed by sailor, surfer and scientist Capt. Robin T. Smith, PhD., Science Under Sail (SUS) launches an innovative marine scientific expedition and modern mentorship program for high school students. Students will set sail this summer from Sarasota, Florida bound for Exuma, Bahamas. Upon arrival, Expedition Exuma (EXU2013) will carry an explorative team of students, sailors, and scientists to explore the 370 tropical cays and beautiful coral reefs of the Exuma archipelago.

The program aims to catapult students into an ocean career, beginning with their participation aboard a two-week Caribbean sailing voyage of exploration and discovery.

Students will participate in a real scientific research expedition, living and working with experts in the field, utilizing current and innovative techniques to collect real data. They will also take command of Island Girl, a 46-foot sailing catamaran. With a 1:3 teacher-to-student ratio, SUS offers small, yet powerful programs, accepting only 16 students per expedition. There are two legs - a girl’s leg and a boy’s leg. The girl’s leg sails July 6th – 20th, 2013 and the boy’s leg follows, July 24th - August 7th.

For more information visit: www.scienceundersail.com or contact Jerah Coviello at 941.350.0900 or by email - jerah@scienceundersail.com.

United States Naval Academy Midshipmen Available as Ambassadors 

The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame has arranged with the Office of Admissions at the United States Naval Academy (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland for Midshipmen to speak to Consortium participants.  The Office of Admissions at USNA has a list of current Consortium participants that have made requests and is currently working on those arrangements.

Midshipmen are available to travel during the academic year as well as during semester breaks. They can address questions about the Academy as well as the importance of math, engineering, science and technology as a path to success. Many of the Midshipmen are also sailors.
Visits can be coordinated through NSHOF staff at 877.295.3022 or education@nshof.org.

New Book: Ship Models, Math Models & Yacht Design

Ship Models, Math Models & Yacht Design

The recently published Ship Models, Math Models & Yacht Design: Math Models & Cyber-Sail Your Own Design by David Martin provides an opportunity to learn ship modeling, modeling math, yacht design and basic math. The book includes three programs on CD for hull design and a velocity prediction program for sailboats; all designed for a home computer. Everything you need to design and cyber-sail a yacht of your own design.

To learn more or to order copies visit Sail Tech Press at http://sailtechpress.com/

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