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NSHOF Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium

Teaching Math & Science Teachers to Sail ...

Stamford, CT Several Consortium members have heard presentations by Peter Gunn, Program Director for Young Mariners Foundation, founded as the Stamford Yacht Club Foundation in 1997.

Peter, a lifetime teacher and sailing instructor, built YMF's afterschool and summer program on his belief that students are best served when you hire classroom teachers and teach them to sail rather than hiring sailors and teaching them to teach.

The YMF website notes "the summer and swimming programs are staffed by teachers who have recently been taught to sail and teach swimming. They have a deep understanding of how to convey skills and content to young learners. Many also appreciate the fears and apprehensions of a new sailor/swimmer, having just experienced them personally."

Learn more about how YMF hires classroom teachers for their programs (download MS Word .docx).

Doug Hamm with YMF Blue Water Summer Sailing Campers

Oskosh, WI
- If you are looking for a program model that covers a shorter period of waterfront time then look at the highly successful Oshkosh Schools Sail Week (download Word docx) run by Sara and Steve Eliasen founders of International Youth Sailing of Oskosh. They have built strong support among teachers and administrators.

"Most of the time, teachers end up being pretty hands-on and get in the water with us... classroom dynamics improve when students see a teacher or principal willing to get in the water and cheer them on to learn something new..."

One school worked with the Eliasens to incorporate STEM concepts which led to their students designing and building their own rigs in year two once they had learned to sail with factory rigs.

Quality teachers are our best partners as we all strive to engage the next generation of sailors!

Photo from the Oshkosh Northwestern

Annapolis, MD - The Anne Arundel County Public Schools have embraced the value of training teachers to sail to strengthen the NSHOF-AACPS partnership.

Four teachers will receive a two-day private sailing lesson provided by JWorld Annapolis and funded by AACPS.

Other Consortium members are talking with JWorld in their locations. Krista Hankins, a STEM math teacher and a Washington College varsity sailing alum, is a sailing instructor in NSHOF's STEM Sailing Summer Bridge program this summer. We hope she is the first of many!

AACPS Teachers Sailing a Sandbagger

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